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Welcome to the Giant Event

An inspiring way to show gratitude.  A “Thank You,” you can see!

The Mission of The Giant Event?

“Recognizing ordinary behaviors for its extraordinary impact.”

What is a Giant Event?

The Giant Event host public honors and awards ceremonies.  Any small business, community organization or member of the general public can pay tribute to an individual honoree by investing in their honoree and gifting them with a seat to the event. The total cost of the massive event is shared by the attendees giving each honoree the benefit of a multi-thousand dollar elegant evening event for less then 2% of its total cost.

Why The Giant Event? \

If you have ever watched any of the famous and widely televised awards shows, then you have seen the glitz, glamour, red carpet, entertainment and the favorite part of the evening...the acceptance speeches.  Well, as it turns out quite a few viewers watch these award ceremonies and place themselves at the podium giving their acceptance speech and paying tribute to the fans, the professionals and their loved ones that paved the way.  Have you ever thought of who you would thank if it were you up there accepting the award?

The Giant Event recognizes that we can create our own Oscars style ceremony and hope inspired evening.  Join us as we turn the spotlight towards everyday Giants that are shining examples of Giant behaviors.  The evenings events is not only a rare expression of gratitude, it is also a “Thank you”, that people can see.  Why not be the Giant and hold our very own tribute to salute our very own leaders, employees, family members, friends and silent Giants?  We can’t all win an Oscar, but we can all be Giants!  Why wait?  Tomorrow is not promised and the flowers are in season, let’s give a Giant their flowers while they live today!  

Why wait for the Oscars, or that next big opportunity to give your acceptance speech, do it now, and prepare for it today!  Join The Giant Event and pay tribute to that Giant that you had in mind when you visualized yourself at the podium.  Create a lasting memory today!

Is sharing the new normal?

The more that businesses consider profit "sharing" as a method to keep employees motivated and loyal, and that people consider time "sharing" as a way to make vacation dream houses more affordable, it was just a matter of time before someone thought of honors and awards "sharing". Yes, with budgets being a factor in the way we say, "thank you", cost is contributing to a more efficient way to express gratitude. It appears that sharing has become the new normal.

Oh gratitude, gratitude, where is thy splendor?

Splendor and affordability can be found at The Giant Event's publicly-held awards and honors ceremony. We provide the venue, the menu, the entertainment, the red carpet arrival, the awards, and more. All you have to do is gift your top associate, salesperson, community leader, or best friend with a day in their honor. Then, sit back and enjoy, as we make them feel appreciated and you feel proud!

The Giant Event specializes in hosting award and honoring ceremonies for small businesses, communities, and individuals that want the big to-do event at a fraction of its cost. The Giant Event provides more than a new way to express gratitude. We provide a "thank you" that you can see!


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