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Sharon Saffold launched her career as a motivational speaker more than a decade ago after envisioning the life she wanted to live. She envisioned herself learning from celebrity motivational speaker Les Brown, traveling abroad to speak to audiences in the hundreds and thousands and changing lives. It’s a good thing Sharon had vision because all of her dreams had come true, ten years earlier then she anticipated. Sharon crafted a message; “I Won’t Take No for An Answer”, fashioned after her, “Turn No around and it’s ON now!” attitude regarding rejection.

Sharon now travels nationally and internationally speaking to audiences of professionals, social thought leaders and youths with a Giant message empowering them to create change their own lives and communities. Sharon rose from being a victim of physical and sexual abuse, kidnapping, abandonment, exploitation and ultimately ended up as a foster child and teen parent. Now, Sharon flies high in the face of victory and success sharing with others how they too can do the same with willingness to change!

Everybody has a Giant and everyone can be a Giant to someone else. The Giant Scholarship Fund was formed on February 9, 2013, to ensure that those seeking to achiever greater heights. The Giant Scholarships are awarded monthly to aid in the self development.

Each Giant has chosen to dedicate their scholarship to the cause that they want to support. The Giant Scholarships are funded by a portion of the proceeds of The Giant Events, Giant Event Products and Public donations. Scholarships are offered once they are fully funded and therefore a scholarship may have more than one awardee.

S'rae Saffold

Srae SaffoldS'rae Saffold Scholarship Requirements: To have been or know someone that has been affected by Asthma. Write about what you think can be done to further educate others about asthma.

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